Why You Should Consider Buying a Refurbished Computer

  • You can save money. It is estimated that you can save an average of 25 to 50% by purchasing refurbished computers. In addition, refurbished computers are usually business class models which are better than most computers purchased at retail locations.
  • You don't need the latest and greatest computer. Many applications don't require the latest cutting edge technology or performance.
  • Refurbished computers are environmentally responsible. Reusing is even better than recycling. You are helping the environment when you purchase refurbished computers.
  • A refurbished computer can be like new. Refurbishing can restore the computer to near new with little to no noticeable difference in appearance or performance.
  • Refurbished computers give you the most bang for the buck. For the same amount of money you can purchase a higher end computer instead of a lower end bottom of the line model.
  • Reliability. There is an old tech saying, "never buy the first release of anything". The reason is simple: the manufacturer hasn't had time to test the product in the real world yet and identify any problems. All the bugs are out of refurbished computers. Any problems would have already occurred and been corrected.

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