A friendly reminder

A friendly reminder
If you haven’t backed up your data (on a smartphone, tablet, or PC) now is the time to do so! One of the hardest phone calls we have to make as technicians is the one where we inform customers their data is not recoverable.

Technology can fail, but you can be proactive!

Always remember the Rule of Three, which states you should back up your important data in three locations: on the device, on an external storage drive, and in the cloud.

Flash drives are inexpensive portable options for backing up a few gigabytes of data. External hard drives are great for storing large quantities of data. The cloud is incredibly beneficial because it is “disaster proof” in that you can access your data anywhere you have an internet connection. This means if a natural disaster were to occur, or if you forget your external storage device, you would still be able to access data simply by logging into your account and downloading content.

Popular cloud storage options are: Carbonite, Dropbox, iCloud, Google drive, to name a few.

If you have questions about how to begin backing up your devices, please call. We are happy to help you start the process. Be safe rather than sorry and start backing up your data today!

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